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Your Trusted Source for Car Insurance in Saskatoon

Kissing your car goodnight doesn't keep it safe. Get extra protection for your car companion.

Need to go beyond the basics with your vehicle & auto insurance in Saskatoon?
Go from in line to online with ease through our MySGI portal.


  • Call 306-384-7000 or toll-free 1-877-272-6653 to register.

  • You will then receive an activation code via email.

  • Click the “MySGI” link below for registration.

  • Setup your online account by clicking the "Register" button under the "MySGI" heading.


If you have already registered skip to direction #3 and click the “Sign In” button under the “MySGI” heading.

Follow the link below to get a quote for an SGI CANADA Auto Pak, and purchase online if you qualify:

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